You may have had a chance to follow along with my #JungalowTakeover of the West Elm Instagram account over the weekend, where I shared my process of decorating the Jungalow HQ. And today I’m thrilled to share with you my ‘after’ pics of the studio. It’s been amazingly fun having some more space to house all my pretty crap and also really great to have a place to go to in the morning and collaborate with my team, exchange ideas and be all productive. I wanted to have a little lounge area in the studio–I also needed a sofa for styling when I need to stage the studio like it’s a home. I opted for the Finn sofa at West Elm because it’s petite but also can hold three people if need be. I also wanted something neutral but not generic, and the peg legs and little curves at the arm do just that. My coffeetable is just a bench covered in some amazing indido-dyed and embroidered fabric from Mali. The planter is from Modernica, the side table from Target. FINALLY a place for all of my textiles, pillows and props. They have been in boxes stashed all over my home for the longest time and I finally can have a place to dispay them and have easy access to them for when I need them. Plus they just make me happy. I picked these minimal industrial-style bookcases to house all my goodies. Most of my pillows are from Morocco and Turkey. Some of them are from Marika Wagle’s online shop and some are from Loloi.