Justina Blakeney

JUSTINA BLAKENEY is a designer, artist and New York Times bestselling author. She is the founder and director of Jungalow® a blog, brand and online shop. She is known for her vibrant, jungalicious style, for hand-painting the surface patterns that appear in her product lines, and for speaking on creative entrepreneurship at conferences worldwide.

Justina Blakeney's wildly popular collections include home decor, furniture, stationery, textiles, travel, kids, accessories and Band-Aid Brand Bandages. Her collections are sold at Jungalow.com as well as at retailers like Anthropologie and Target. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Jason, daughter Ida and 52 house plants.


  • Justina lived in Italy for seven years and is fluent in Italian
  • She credits her global, jungalicious style with her multi-cultural upbringing in Berkeley, California
  • She rides her bicycle to work
  • Some of her hobbies include singing, playing guitar, cooking and braiding her daughter's hair
  • She co-authored four craft books before writing The New Bohemians
  • Her worst habit is that she bites her nails (shhhh)
  • She loves hot tubs, mojitos, her 12 year old zee-zee plant and being barefoot